Swapping Licences

We are currently unable to transfer licences between end points. It is likely this goodwill process will be removed entirely. This is an involved process that requires liaising between multiple suppliers and their relevant purchasing and management portals, channels, helpdesk's, provisioning, finance, calls and emails etc. Having seen a 2 x increase in support requests across the business which is being sustained our priority is to enroll insecure devices. To do this we have streamlined our on boarding process allowing for:

  • auto enrollment as standard (new end points are auto enrolled within your existing plan)
  • 202002CDRA 30 day option
  • 202002CDRB 12month option

If you are unsure what you are likely to do with the end point in the long term we recommend opting for our 30day option 202002CDRA. This will allow us to merge or migrate an existing licence once operations begin to settle.

All licences during this period will be added as a separate invoice line during the on boarding period. This will make them easy to identify

All clients will be supplied with a complete portfolio of all services including product code, cost, minimum term and service description in the coming weeks. This will be in addition to a Health Check. Any new subscriptions will be itemised on this list to allow us to tidy up the account. Between the Health Check and Portfolio you will have everything you need to make informed, strategic decisions about your IT and telecoms.