Setting up a new machine with Beacon

Below is a guide to run through getting your new laptop out of the box to the point where Beacon is installed and then our team can take over remotely and do the rest.

If at any point you get stuck or the guide is unclear of what to do next, give us a call on 01506530393 and we'll be happy to talk you through it.


Plug in computer or laptop using the supplied power cable.


Power on computer.


Wait for Windows to start.


The "select region" screen will appear, if not already highlighted select United Kingdom and click yes.


When asked if you would like to add an additional keyboard layout, click skip.


The next step is connecting to the internet. This should be done later without issue by clicking the “I don’t have internet” button in the bottom left of the screen.


The option to connect a Microsoft account will appear next, for this step click “continue with limited setup” in the bottom left.


The computer will then ask you to set up a local account, this account will be deleted later so it can be named anything (within reason) that you will remember. For the example “Temp” will be used and is recommended.


The next stage is creating a password for this account, a memorable password should be created and a note of this password taken to be passed on.


The next steps shown are customising Windows. These are not important as they apply to the local account, so should be set to the “minimal/no” options. If you need to confirm any of these options with us please just give us a call.


After all of these options the computer will move to a black screen with messages letting you know that Windows is preparing, this can take a few minutes and requires no input.


After a few minutes the Windows login screen will appear if you have set up a password, sign in to the account using the details you previously set.


Once you have signed in the desktop will appear.


At this stage if you have not connected the machine to the internet, it should be done now. For WiFi click on the internet icon in the bottom right and connect to the internet.

In the example shown the computer was not connected to the internet via WiFi, but via an Ethernet cable. If you prefer to use this type of connection it will not require anything other than plugging in the cable.


Now that the machine is connected to the internet, go to in any web browser (Internet Explorer should appear on the task bar) and log in with your normal email address and password. Then email Wardman UK at asking for a Beacon installer.


Once you have received the installer link, open the link and install Beacon (should be as easy as double clicking on the icon). Once this is done let the team at Wardman UK know and we will take it from there.