Suspension of Service

Can I pause our services?

As Information Technology and Telecommunications both fall under critical services covered by the governments guidance ( we have focused on the security and stability of service, ensuring that our clients can continue to work throughout these challenging times and getting service to those who need it most urgently.

Aware of the financial difficulties some would face we explored ways to create a “pause/play” provision to support those clients most in need by offering a reduced or no cost means to reduce the financial burden. As the weeks progressed the burden on network, software and data center assets, support and provisioning services shifted to prioritise essential services management and installations with all non essential engineering or provisioning work removed, suspended or at least limited throughout the period of emergency.

This and many of the complications of provisioning, installing, porting, removing, reinstalling a service or connection and coordinating across our partners and suppliers have meant that we have not been able to deliver on our "pause/play" ambition.

Regardless our team are all committed to consider each request on a case by case basis, and will help wherever we can. As always just email with the subject play/pause request and we will get back to you within 14days if there is something we can do.

If you need financial support at this time we recommend