Apollo | Bars

We want you to be able to control your SIM's and their usage. To do this Apollo includes a series of usage bar's which can be set via the portal or by contacting the team at Wardman UK.

It's important to note that usage bar's happen after the fact so a 100% bar will only take affect once the network is aware the SIM has used 100% of its allowance and with modern networks and access to 5G even a minute can count if you're a heavy user.

When your SIM is updated for any reason it can take up to 48hrs for that update to take effect. It's normally very quick and will process in a few hours. If it’s urgent like a bar removal we will check the status of the update every 8 hours for you before closing down any case or ticket; we know how frustrating it can be and will be in touch so you don’t need to be.

To make sure that you get the most from the barring options on Apollo here are our top tips for managing usage.


Check your alerts. Knowing what's happening means you can plan ahead. You can also view usage online on the Apollo Portal.


Know who or what each SIM is. Knowing what a SIM is being used for is really important. Using a SIM to send 4K video could result in 30GB per minute of footage which on 5G could download in 9 seconds!


Set your bar level's at limits that you're happy with i.e. work out how much you might go over by given what the SIM is being used for and allow a buffer adequate enough to keep usage within your desired level.


Buy some pool data. This a fantastic way to plan ahead. By having a small allowance of pool data on your account any unexpected overage will be charged to your pool allowance first.


Make your users aware of their allowances and have a company policy that is appropriate.


Consider device management for SIM's in hardware that can be managed. Our team can help with this and we include mobile device management within our Beacon subscriptions.

SIM and usage bar's are not a substitute for proper management
SIM and usage bar's are not a guarantee against overage and may fail. Any usage is the account holders responsibility
All usage on the SIM is the responsibility of the client. SIM bar's are a retrospective action against continued usage and can take up to 48hours to apply