Broadband, Fibre and Leased Line Options

If your organisation needs stand alone Connectivity we have got you covered with simply, flexible connectivity options for you and your team.

SAL £12pcm 30 day flexbility

Single Analogue Line, a phone line for your premises.

ADSL £17.50pcm 12month commitment

ADSL2+ speeds of up to 24mbit.

Super Fast Fibre / FTTC £30pcm 12month commitment

Superfast fibre broadband for your premises on 12 month minimum term.

Super Fast Fibre / FTTC £40pcm with Connectivity Secure 24month commitment

Superfast fibre broadband for your premises on 24 month minimum term. Power up adding cloud security to your Broadband.

Ultra Fast Fibre / FTTP 12month commitment

Fibre to The Premises. Ultra fast connectivity when you need it most.

80/20 @ £35pcm
160/30 @ £42pcm
220/20 @ £46pcm
330/50 @ £49pcm
550/75 @ £65pcm
1000/115 @ £85pcm

Second to None / Leased Line

When you can't settle for anything less. Get in touch for an instant leased line quote with speeds up to 10Gbits and no installation.


Choose from our select range of approved kit or use your own, our team of experts are on hand to support you whatever you need.