Setup Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in Microsoft 365


In order to make things run smoothly later download Microsoft Authenticator for your mobile phone. This can be done through the Google Play Store for Android or Apple App Store for iOS.


Multi-Factor Authentication provides an additional layer of security for your Office 365 account. It achieves this by requiring a 2nd method of verification before logging into your account. This is commonly a text message to your phone that you will need to input to finish logging in. However, text messages codes are not encrypted and inherently insecure.

This KB article will assist you to setup Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) using the Microsoft Authenticator phone application.



Download the Microsoft Authenticator App from the App Store




Log in to Office 365 via


When you log in, you will receive a prompt for more information.

Press the Next Button to continue.


You will now been taken to a page to setup additional security information.

Select Mobile App from the drop-down list and check Receive notifications for verification

Once selected, press the Set Up button.


A pop-up with a QR barcode will appear.

At this point, you will need to use your mobile device. Open the Microsoft Authenticator app.

On Android, click on the hamburger menu icon (3 vertical dots) on the top right-corner and then select Add account

On iOS/ipadOS, press the + icon.

Select Work or school account

Point your phone camera to the QR display on the setup page.

If done correctly, the phone will display a new account with your organisation name and e-mail address with a 6-digit code. On the computer, press the Next button.


At this point, the pop-window will disappear and just right of the Setup button you will see Checking activation status. This can sometimes take a few minutes.

Once changed to Mobile app has been configured for notifications. Press Next button.


The setup will now test to ensure everything is working correctly.

Your phone will now receive a notification from the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Press Approve.

NOTE: Only approve logins that you know are genuine. If you see this prompt randomly then get in touch with our team as your password may be compromised and may need reset.


The next step is to add a phone number as a backup authentication message.

Enter your phone number without the leading zero and select United Kingdom (+44) as your country/region.

NOTE: You may be asked to enter a number that was sent to you via an SMS message. If if does ask, enter number and then hit next.


This next screen is VERY important.

You will be presented with an app password. This is the only time this will be shown to you so take a note of it as it can be very important depending on your workflow. We recommend adding this into the Notes section of your LastPass entry for Office 365.

Once you have a note of it, press the Finished button.

You're now finished and setup for MFA.

Microsoft Outlook

In order to continue to use Microsoft Outlook, you will be prompt within 24 hours after setting up MFA to enter your password. When you are prompted for this, enter the app password you received on step 9. Your regular Office 365 password will not work as Outlook does not uses Microsoft's Single-Sign On service.

Need help?

If you require assistance with any part of the setup please get into touch with the team via:-

Phone: 01506 530393
Live Chat: Press the ? to the bottom right of the page.