Beacon | Modules

Beacon is a comprehensive service covering everything you need to run your team and organisation. As there are a lot of services included we break these in to modules for ease.

Modules are enabled when you request them and can be disabled at any point during the term without affecting your Beacon subscription and agreement. If you need to move a service away you can do and it will not affect Beacon.

For example;

You sign up to Beacon 40 on a 36month term which includes your broadband. At month 12 you need to move you broadband away; you can do this without charge. At month 18 you then need to bring your broadband back, you can do this without charge. Neither affects your subscription or minimum term meaning you have one fixed cost throughout.



Your Beacon subscription includes a series of modules which are activated when you request them.


Your Beacon subscription begins on the Services Start Date which is the date we make service available and also when your billing begins.


You can enable any of the modules included in your subscription from that date up until the last 30days of your agreements minimum term.


You can disable any of the modules included in your subscription and reactivate them at any time. You may incur a fee for doing this so check with the team in advance.


All of our services auto renew at the end of their minimum term so you do not need to worry about any of the modules ending when you hit the end of your first agreement.


Our Standard Minimum Term is 36months.