Close an Unresponsive Program

It is frustrating when the millions of lines of code that make the programs we all rely upon day to day freeze or crash.

When you have waited as long as you think reasonable for your device to fix itself and know that the work you want has been auto saved (see our article on setting up auto save features) it might be time to force close.

WARNING: Only perform the following when you are completely sure that the programme isn’t responding. If you leave it to try to respond for some time, there’s a good chance that the programme will resume.


Open Task Manager, hold down the Ctrl and Alt key, then tap Delete


You will be prompted with a new menu, select Task Manager


Your should now see a list of programmes that are currently running on your computer. One of these (the one that is causing you the most frustration!) has the infamous “not responding” tag next to it.


Right click on the programme and select End Task. This will close the programme, and you should then be allowed to re-open it again after 10 to 20 seconds.

If you are experiencing frequent issues our team will use Beacon to monitor Windows Services, applications and programmes enabling us to remotely shut these down or quickly identify and fix common faults.

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