What to expect with a leased line installation

Leased lines are the premier internet connection both in terms of speed and reliability. Speed is part of the service once it goes live, and reliability is what makes leased line service such an involved installation.

Our team have installed hundreds of leased line from London City and modern high rise, shared internet in apartments to Scotland's largest inhabited castle. Our Connectivity team have the expertise to get you connected with confidence.

"In my experience, the course of a leased line install 90% of the time taken from initial order to going live is purely planning and evaluation (very much measure twice, cut once)." **Connectivity team

Below is a shortened version of the process tree we follow to complete your leased line installation.

Within each of the block steps below there are often multiple jobs for us to complete like:


Working with others

The carrier will have to propose a circuit, this is the route they will use deliver your service. Sometimes using other carriers/competitors infrastructure for which they will need to request access.



Digging up the road, path or track.
Leased lines are unique in that they are dedicated to delivering service to your organisation solely. Sometimes to do this we might need to dig a hole and lay a cable.


Way Leave

Often a leased line will have to cross others property, to do this we will need permission not just to install the line but gain access 24/7 365 days a year.


The Council

It might be necessary for your leased line to go under or over a road. If so we will need to liaise with the council and traffic management to close or restrict traffic during installation.

Each leased line installation is unique and our team will be on hand throughout to keep you posted on the progress. Due to the nature there are likely long pauses installation which have previously led to installation taking many months. Our top tips for preparing for a leased line install:


Set your expectation at 4-12months


Expect sporadic updates as there are a lot of 3rd parties involved in the process and one way to install.


Spurts of work rather than steady progress as each stage progresses.


Be involved you know your location better than anyone, the more information you can share with us the less time it will take to answer questions at each stage.


Ask away. Leased line installs due to there nature often take some time, throughout this time we will keep in touch with you with status and other regular updates but at anytime do just pick the phone up to ask any and all questions.

Throughout our team of experts are on hand at helpdesk@wardmanuk.com, live chat via www.wardmanuk.com and helpdesk.wardmanuk.com and always at the other end of the phone 01506 530 393 to keep you posted on the latest update and progress.