Getting Started with Sharepoint

What is Sharepoint?

Sharepoint provides a secure and flexible method of accessing documents, without the restrictions and insecurities of remote desktop sessions. You can access your work files from any machine, anywhere, simply by logging in to your Microsoft Office365 account from a web browser.

In Sharepoint, drives and shares have been replaced by sites and document libraries; rather than access files on a drive, you navigate to the relevant library and search through the documents stored in that Library.

Getting Started


Log onto your PC or laptop, open up a Web Browser and enter


Click on the Sharepoint icon.


All files have been organised by service into Sites named after the services they represent and users have been assigned the appropriate permissions to access their relevant sites. When the Sharepoint homepage opens, simply search for the site.


Click on the site and, when the page loads, you'll see a menu down the left-hand side with links to various resources. Your files are stored in the Documents library.


When you click on the Documents library you'll see all of the files related to that service.


If you look at the top-right of the page you will see a star icon, it may say not following. If you select the star this will change to following and the site will appear on the Sharepoint homepage next time you're there, allowing you to quickly access the site next time without having to search.